Pleth was founded in 2004 when two brothers got together and decided they wanted to change the web.

Greg and Stephen Smart combined their talents in various industries to create what is now one of the fastest-growing web agencies in the region. Their goal was simple: bridge the gap between business and technology.

Member Greg Smart

Greg Smart

Founder and Owner

Founder, owner, problem solver, and man of mystery.

Member Stephen Smart

Stephen Smart

Founder and Owner

Founder, owner, pilot, and master of domains.

Member Kristina Myers

Kristina Myers

Accounts Director

Social butterfly, mommy, speed racer, and sweets connoisseur.

Member Brittany Sims

Brittany Sims

Art Director

Dog lover, traveler, music fanatic, and boy band enthusiast.

Member Wade Jewell

Wade Jewell

Designer and Developer

Creater, coder, gamer, and artist.

Member Natalie Black

Natalie Black

Accounts Coordinator

Newlywed, Oklahoman, craft master, and OKC Thunder fan.

Member Sam Ambwani

Sam Ambwani

Development Team Lead

Whip cracker, optimist, brand freak, and foodie.

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a designer's heart,
and a developer's head.

We bring the best of best of both worlds to any team through sound technical solutions and user-first design approaches.

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